Whether your first book or your tenth, we are here to provide training and support on your self-publishing journey. Rooted in Catholic beliefs, we help you keep God at the center of your work and accelerate your publishing goals for all genres.


The word "fiat" describes the "YES" Mary gave when the Angel Gabriel announced God's request that she bear the Son of God. Her response, meaning "let it be done" showed her immense faith and trust in doing God's will. We invite you to deeply discern God's will. If you believe you are being called to tell your story, create a resource for the Church or publish any genre of book, we invite you to also say YES, and we are here to help!

2023 is your year! Start writing, shake the dust off that manuscript, hold a hard copy of your book, and increase sales.


Does any of the following sound like you?


You are feeling called to write or illustrate a book but need help narrowing its scope. Is there a market for this book? What is my unique angle?


You have a solid idea for a book and maybe even a first draft, but are feeling stuck. What steps do I take next? How do I get feedback and beta readers?


You are ready to finally turn your manuscript into a book. It's time to dust it off and get things moving. Is my manuscript ready? What types of editing do I need?


You are struggling to find the right editors, designers and printers to complete your book. How do I make sure my vision is properly executed? How do I know I'm hiring the right people?


You are ready to publish but not sure which platforms you should use. Do I print it myself? Should I try Amazon? Start my own website?


You've already published but need marketing ideas and actionable steps to get more sales. How do I get more eyes on my book? Why can't I beat the algorithm?

Artists, this is for you, too! Learn how to turn your pre-existing illustrations into a book or finally illustrate the book you've always wanted to create.

The Faith-Based Self-Publishing Model



Our unique model draws on the richness of the Catholic faith, teaching you how to create a high quality book that is good, true and beautiful.

It includes all aspects of self-publishing from initial concept to first sale and beyond.

Whether or not your book is faith-based, we invite you to think of God as your Publisher, aiming to produce something pleasing to Him.

Learn how to do self-publishing right. Create something so unique and beautiful people assume it was "traditionally" published.


Children's Books


Prayer Journals

Art Books



Conversion Stories




Catechetical Resources

& More!

We focus on the business & logistics of self-publishing so your idea, draft or manuscript actually gets written and published, and has the best chances at being seen.


✔️ You want to keep God at the center of your work.

✔️ You want creative control and freedom to make your book YOUR way.

✔️ You want to fast track your book, while saving money.

✔️ You long for community and people to bounce ideas off of. Aka your friend or spouse is getting bored by your discussion of paper samples :)

✔️ You want training that is specific to the Catholic market and aligned with your values and beliefs.


Member Benefits Include:

Self-Publishing Pathways


As we build content, it will be organized by specific stages of self-publishing: creating, editing, designing, reviewing, publishing and marketing. Follow a clearly-defined roadmap so you have just the information you need when you are ready for it!


Self-publishing isn't meant to be done alone. As an Academy member, you'll learn, work and grow with one another. Watch live interviews, get paired up with other authors, sit in the "hot seat," ask for feedback, and gain knowledge from our growing list of instructors.

Service Provider Directories


Find Catholic editors, book cover designers, illustrators, and more. We make it easy to find faithful partners to bring your book to life! Academy Members get special discounts on many of these services, easing the financial burden of self-publishing.


Get the inside scoop from authors who have self-published. We ask the questions you are afraid to ask. Where did they get their books printed? What was their biggest mistake?


Our instructors will discuss topics like editing, cover design, marketing, public relations, ebooks, translation, religious education and so much more!


This right here is a GOLD MINE. Access incredbile resources such as: where to find images in the public domain; the best hashtags for Instagram; how to create a 1-page business plan; and so many more!

Photo of Kate Frantz, Owner of Thy Olive Tree


I started self-publishing after I converted to Catholism. Like many authors, it began out of a need for a book I couldn't find. I had the perfect idea, but no clear path for creating it. I spent hours upon hours researching, making expensive mistakes, learning the ins and outs of the self-publishing industry and tailoring it to fit the Catholic market.

As owner of Thy Olive Tree, I continue to self-publish my own books, while running a Market which features the books of nearly 25 independent authors.


My job is to make this as seamless as possible for you. There is so much information out there and it's easy to get sucked into hours of Internet searches without actually making any progress. Or worse... feeling even more confused.

Let me break things down into manageable pieces for you. I'll be coordinating videos and trainings, and then slicing that content into short clips organized by your stage of self-publishing. I'll tell you what's important to watch now, and what can wait until later.

I'll be asking our instructors the tough questions you've been trying to get answered, giving you a community to connect with the right people, coordinating discounts and benefits, listening to your needs and concerns, and challenging you to create the best book possible.

I couldn't do this without the support of our instructors. Let's get to know some of them now...


Academy Instructors each bring with them advanced knowlege in specific areas related to self-publishing. Academy Members get special access to our Instructors through live interviews, video lectures, "hot seats," office hours, discounts and digital resources made just for you!

Self-Publishing 101 Course
Writing & Editing
Jody C. Benson is a freelance writer and editor. After earning her master’s degree, she taught writing as an adjunct instructor and served as a writing coach and tutor. Her love of writing led her to work for various traditional publishing companies where she's been the editor of over fifty nonfiction books. In 2021, she self-published a journal called Behold: A Reflection Journal Where Wonder, Creation, and Stewardship Meet.
Connect with Jody at jodycbenson.com.

Lindsay Schlegel
Writing & Editing
Lindsay Schlegel is an author and editor with over eighteen years’ experience in traditional publishing. She has worked as a bookseller, agent’s assistant, and in the publicity, marketing, and editorial departments of publishers large and small, often focusing on children’s books. She is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in fiction at the University of St. Thomas, Houston.

Connect with Lindsay at LindsaySchlegel.com or on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Katie Bogner
Religious Education
Katie Bogner is a Catholic School Teacher and Director of Religious Education. For over a decade, she has run a religious education website where she shares free lesson plans, printables, and other resources for Catholic homes and classrooms. She also is the author of the books Through the Year with Jesus: Gospel Readings and Reflections for Children as well as Through the Year with Mary: Ponder and Pray Together with Children.
Connect with Katie at looktohimandberadiant.com
and Instagram.

Stephanie Petters Photo
Stephanie Petters is the author of Fools for Heaven: A Rhyming Collection of Moments From Our Holy Friends. Her company, Of Wood and Word, seeks to inspire people through the intersection of faith and poetry. Stephanie successfully launched Fools for Heaven through Kickstarter and now, as a crowdfunding instructor, assists other authors to launch their own dreams.
Connect with Stephanie at ofwoodandword.com.

Email & Amazon
Greg Johnson is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about helping others achieve their goals. He has built six and seven figure businesses in the past. Currently, he and his wife Erica run The Little Catholic Box, a subscription box for Catholic women, while raising 7 kids. Greg also serves as Head of Coaching inside the Capitalism Incubator, a mentoring program designed to help entrepreneurs build 7 and 8 figure businesses. In his free time, Greg offers 1 on 1 and group mentoring for online business owners, and runs a small email marketing agency.

Christine Lacayo
Multicultural Storytelling & Translation
Christine is a multilingual content writer helping mission-driven brands grow an engaged and diverse following using brand storytelling through a multicultural lens. She focuses her work on blogging, email marketing, and translations. Join her newsletter for more on content writing, multicultural marketing, and the intersections of living a life in faith while caring for our common home! 

Connect with Christine at christinemarielacayo.com or through her newsletter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

Henry Kutarna
Business Coaching
Henry Kutarna is a long-time investor, CEO, mentor, coach, business owner and life-long Catholic. Also known as The Catholic CEO, Henry's mission is to help faithful Catholics build and operate businesses for the greater glory of God. Throughout the years, he has learned many secrets to successful business and is here to offer that wisdom for the sake of your business.

Connect with Henry at thecatholicceo.com or on Instagram and Facebook.

Kate Sell Photo
Public Relations & Marketing
Kate Sell is the Founder and Managing Partner of Mission Advancement Partners. She is an organizational and communications strategist with more than 15 years of experience in business and nonprofit consulting. She is able to help authors better understand the Catholic landscape in the 21st Century, and guide them to effectively communicate to serve the needs of the modern Church.
eBooks & Audiobooks
Jacqueline Brown is the author of 8 novels, including The Light and Awakening. All of her books are available as paperbacks, ebooks, and audiobooks. She has learned a great deal over the last six years as an independent publisher and enjoys sharing her knowledge with other self-published authors.
Connect with Jacqueline at Jacqueline-Brown.com or on Facebook and Instagram.
Benita Thompson
Book Cover Design
Benita Thompson has worked in book cover design and formatting since 2016, and is passionate about making professional yet affordable design accessible to indie authors. Besides collaborating with clients on commissioned projects, she also works to share principles and techniques of book design so authors can accomplish it on their own. Benita has self-published three books and loves Jane Austen, Dutch food, and thunderstorms.

Connect with Benita at kairosbookdesign.com or on Facebook and Instagram.



At the core of our model, we focus on discernment of God's will; inviting the Holy Spirit to inspire us with creativity and innovation; business acumen to propel our message responsibly; and the ultimate goal -- sanctity. We long to influence souls and grow closer to God. With these four areas at our core, we can move through the six stages of self-publishing.



In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. -Jn 1:1

We long to create for the sake of doing God's will. We keep God at the center of the creative process.



(The Good)

We aim to produce something good. We seek out beta readers and hire professional editors.



(The True)

Our work must be true to Catholic Church Teaching. We seek Imprimaturs or theological review, if needed.



(The Beautiful)

Our faith is beautiful and so are our books. We hire professional designers that breathe beauty into our work.



We take a leap of faith and make our book available to the masses, using technology and platforms best suited for our goals.



We proclaim the greatness of our work and the fruits we expect it to bear.


The following benefits are planned for Academy Members*

✔️ PATHS. Discover where you are at on your path to self-publishing. Join your pathway, access learning resources and check off tasks as you complete them. Watch your progress!

✔️ MATCHUPS. Each month, be assigned an accountability group of 2-3 people. Get to know other authors, share monthly goals and support one another.

✔️ VIDEOS. Learn from our self-publishing and business instructors through video interviews and lectures. Ask your questions.

✔️ HOT SEATS. Book cover critiques, first page reads, and more. Get personalized feedback or have fun watching others in the hot seat!

✔️ OFFICE HOUR CHATS. Join a group chat where you can ask the instructors questions.

✔️ PEER-TO-PEER SUPPORT. Learn from one another. Ask for beta readers. Celebrate each other’s launches.

✔️ DISCOUNTS. Gain access to incredible discounts with editors, book cover designers, typesetters and more!

✔️ DIGITAL LIBRARY. Watch all previous video recordings. Plus, gain access to instructor-created resources just for you!

✔️ INSTRUCTOR-LED GROUPS. Join private groups led by our instructors to get more in-depth training.

✔️ AUTHOR CHATS. Join us as we interview Catholic self-published authors to get the inside scoop on their publishing journey.

*As we build the Academy and gain more feedback from authors, benefits are subject to change. Follow along and sign up for our waitlist to stay informed on future offerings!