Catholic self-publishing 101 course

Self-Publishing 101 Roadmap & Course

BEST FOR: Those new to self-publishing who are ready and committed to learning how to self-publish their book!

Save time and money with our step-by-step checklist and corresponding lessons.

Our self-paced course walks you through all stages of self-publishing, teaching you how to publish a good, true, and beautiful book through the lens of the Catholic faith. This includes: 1) Idea Development & Planning; 2) Writing; 3) Editing; 4) Formal Review; 5) Design; 6) Printing & Publishing; 7) Marketing; plus core areas: Business, Creativity, Discernment & Sanctity.

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$347/Year or $217 for 6 Months

Author membership

Author Monthly Membership

BEST FOR: Catholic self-publishers of ALL stages who desire community, coaching, and support.

With virtual events, an on demand video library, digital resources, marketing tips, a private community, guest presentations, group coaching, author matchups, critique groups, directories, and instructor access, there is something for everyone!

Break out of your silo, get feedback, brainstorm, ask questions, and find accountability.

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